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WoltLab Dinosaurs – Oldest Forum Software, but still running...

Forums that still run with the oldest WoltLab software
Who knows more?
Leute die noch weitere Foren kennen, können diese in einen Beitrag schreiben. Wir aktualisieren die folgende Liste ständig.

Burning Board 1
1.2 – Lite 2.1.1 Burning Board 2
Last Version 2.3.6 pl2 Burning Board 3
Last Version 3.1.8
Golden Eagles Forum [URL:] 🦅
Viktor's Support Board [URL:] 🌟
Cancer Forum for family members…

🔠 PureText 5.0 [32+64bit] 🔤 Extracting texts from websites

PureText is the free only-text-software — download from Cosirex server via secure SSL connection
This application extracts the text formatting font, font size, font color, font styles (italic, bold, underline) from texts and entire web pages.
After marking and copying text in the program window, a second window is opened in seconds, with or without a sound signal, in which the naked text can be found. From the well-known developer Steve Miller (USA).

Create your own nameserver on 1and1 Dedicated Server with Plesk DNS

Setting up your own name servers (vanity) on "only" 1. Web server with Plesk. This tutorial explicitly refers to the following environment
- 1und1 Dedicated Server / Cloud Server and all hosting contracts with additional IPv4 / IPv6.
- 3 IPv4 [1 default IPv4 (webhosting) and 2 IPv4 for own DNS server]
- Plesk with DNS server as "Primary Name Server".
Operating system and web server (Apache with or without Nginx, or IIS) is unimportant

Elasticsearch Installation on Ubuntu 18.04.2 with Plesk Onyx 17.8.11

Elasticsearch is a powerful, fast search engine for Unix and requires Java 8 or higher.
Elasticsearch is characterized by an extremely high performance, speed and accuracy with the largest data volume. In combination with the world-renowned forum and community software from WoltLab with its state-of-the-art content management system, Elasticsearch gets up to speed starting at 100,000 data records and impresses with its amazingly high performance.