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    DO you Also do requests?

    Sure. I also translated the whole VieCode Shop Software with all of the 14 extensions + Lexicon + Marketplace, the Chat of Tim (for free, because the Chat is free too), Softcreatr's plugins, actually working on plugins of CLS-Design, and doing special translations for people like you and me.

    Thanks a lot. No problem, it will work like the same by copying english language ! ! !

    load the country flag

    That's what I also saw by visiting your site half an hour ago.

    That's why I just updated my introduction How to add and update languages – WoltLab Suite.

    Please read it and follow it. You need to use the same config like in the screenshots.

    Have a lot of fun and don't hesitate by telling me if any problem occurs.

    P.S.: My name is also Marco in Italian / Spanish / Portuguese. ;)

    Jake , if you add/install a new language, it's better to copy first the german language. It also works by copying the english language, but we did the same each time we started a new language translation.

    So, this is a little recommendation.

    Please read How to add and update languages – WoltLab Suite to get the correct language configuration with language codes and things like that. Also the same site in Spanish and Portuguese, no matter if you can speak the languages or not, the goal is the configuration.

    Now you have the license in your customer account! After adding your domain in the download area you are be able to download Spanish and Portuguese language files of the amazing WoltLab Core.

    Please don't forget to update your language files every time after WoltLab's patch day. We also update the language files max. few days after patch day.

    Lots of greets

    Discussion of article 🔠 PureText 5.0 [32+64bit] 🔤 Extracting texts from websites:

    PureText is the free only-text-software — download from Cosirex server via secure SSL connection
    This application extracts the text formatting font, font size, font color, font styles (italic, bold, underline) from texts and entire web pages.
    After marking and copying text in the program window, a second window is opened in seconds, with or without a sound signal, in which the naked text can be found. From the well-known developer Steve Miller (USA).

    Discussion of article Create your own nameserver on 1and1 Dedicated Server with Plesk DNS:

    Setting up your own name servers (vanity) on "only" 1. Web server with Plesk. This tutorial explicitly refers to the following environment
    - 1und1 Dedicated Server / Cloud Server and all hosting contracts with additional IPv4 / IPv6.
    - 3 IPv4 [1 default IPv4 (webhosting) and 2 IPv4 for own DNS server]
    - Plesk with DNS server as "Primary Name Server".
    Operating system and web server (Apache with or without Nginx, or IIS) is unimportant

    Discussion of article Test the wcfStatus box color:

    Diving lightly into colors, turning brightly around nuances, sensually guided by themes, sounds, discovering new combinations in amazement; choose, see, marvel; bright, dark lights continue to drive this journey, far from their destination; Shadows seem to fade away, writhe, colorful swarms dance joyfully, iridescent shimmering rainbows, watch over everything; to surrender to the sea of colors, to appear deep exhausted, to break glittering beautiful surface, happy and free, you have made the right choice.

    WoltLab Suite 3.1.9 Patch for all Multimedia-Pool translations

    It is strongly recommended to update all language files

    All you have to do is import all language files in .xml format into your installation via the ACP.

    ACP – Customization – Languages – Import language

    Upload a language file from the local computer: Click on the .xml file you downloaded here.

    Template: Choose the language you want to update here, it must match the language code of the .xml language file.


    Main language file: es.xml, pt.xml (~ 500 KB)

    conversation language file (requirements): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 25 KB)

    legalNotice language file (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 4 KB)


    App main language file: es.xml, pt.xml (~43 / 57 / 65 / 88 / 113 KB)

    infraction language file (requirements): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 10 KB)

    exporter language file (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 3 KB) is present on all apps except Filebase

    moderatedUserGroup language file (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 16 KB)

    Calendar additional language file eventThread (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 3 KB)

    Filebase additional language file supportThread (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 3 KB)

    Discussion of article Empty, white page by accessing Plesk panel – No access – Error 500:

    No access to Plesk Panel – Error 500 – What to do now?
    MySQL server doesn't start?
    Solution: You have to delete MySQL socket! The rebirth of the MySQL socket.
    Only two little commands are the ultimate solution after an unsuccessful start of MySQL server and the entire Plesk panel.
    Have fun with the following solution. Knowledge is power.

    Installation of Java OpenJDK 11 JRE and Elasticsearch with systemd configuration


    Dear friends and customers of WoltLab!

    Today we succeeded in the successful installation of the first 5-language WoltLab app. Real there are even two apps, namely Elaticsearch integration and LDAP authentication. Personally, I do not call the two end applications, they are more plugins, so additional software for the main applications. However, the technical implementation principle is exactly the same as the 6 main applications of WoltLab, namely Core (Website and CMS Framework), Forum, Blog, Gallery, Calendar and Filebase.

    We have packed the archives of these end-user applications in three languages, as well as in four languages, to cope with all variations of customer requirements. At the same time, the costs for the translations should be kept low and also variable. These are the two languages English and German, which are delivered by WoltLab as standard, plus our own translations Spanish and Portuguese. These installation archives called "Galactica" can be installed smoothly at the request of the customer. The customer has the free choice, as with any other competent software, which of the four languages he chooses as the installation language (interface language), and which of the 4 languages he uses as a content language.

    It was always about providing website owners from all over the world the best software for realizing their ideas of having their own community and super competent website. High-quality corporate websites with customer loyalty, information and exchange, private homepages, visually stunning galleries, diaries, ticket sales, e-shops, subscriber websites, all this and much more is possible with WoltLab simple, fast and hyper-modern ...

    Discussion of article Woltlab – Clean up template directory [after WSC3 Upgrade] – Data Trash:

    In January 2017 the Woltlab GmbH published a milestone, the WSC3 with WBB5, more precisely Woltlab Suite Core 3 with WoltlabBurningBoard 5, brand-new with the latest web standards.
    The previous version was well-known and highly appreciated under the name Woltlab Community Framework, WCF 2.1. After updating it's useful to delete some templates in directory "templates" since they are no longer needed.

    Discussion of article WoltLab Dinosaurs – Oldest Forum Software, but still running...: