WoltLab Suite Blog 3.1 Spanish


Let your community write about their experiences and share their knowledge.

Own blogs
Users can create multiple blogs and group thematically related posts. The appropriate level of privacy can be achieved for each blog using individual access rights.

Blogs run together
Allow users to maintain a blog together in the form of additional authors.

Classifications with tags, categories and recommended entries
Thematically relevant blogs can be bundled in categories and cross-referenced to other content, such as forum topics, calendar entries or gallery images, using tags. Entries that are particularly worth reading can be marked separately as recommended.

The user-friendly and sophisticated blog software with fine article management, timeline, control of the publication (date/time), access rights (Who can see blog? "Everyone", "Registered Users", "Followed Users"), adding additional authors, multilingualism, subscribtions, search engine optimization, tags, labels.


Private conversations between multiple users


Provides an extensible warning and suspension system.


Import data from other discussion board systems.

Legal Notice

Adds a new page to your website with information about the site owner.

Moderated User Groups

Moderated user groups allow users to apply joining special user groups.
Even paid user groups are possible, PayPal is integrated.