WoltLab Suite Core 3.1 Portuguese

Core [CMS-Framework]

WoltLab Suite Core
The basis of the WoltLab apps with an integrated CMS.
To your own side in no time
Create and manage your own pages with the support of an intuitive yet extensive WYSIWYG editor. A well thought-out boxing system allows the simple recycling of content on different pages up to the display of dynamic information on positions of your choice.
Editorial article system
Write articles that address interesting developments, personal experiences, or other topics worth knowing.

The fast, innovative and easy-to-use CMS framework is the core of your website with perfect search engine optimization, page management, content management system, boxing, style editor, user management, profiles, media, ad management, file attachments, smileys, BB codes, tagging system, Multilingualism, Media Provider, Trophies, Template Management, Imprint Page, Privacy Statement (Template), Terms of Use (Template), Cookie Policy, Developer Tools, Change History, and more.


Private conversations between multiple users

Legal Notice

Adds a new page to your website with information about the site owner.