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Spanish + Portuguese

  • EUR 12.00

    WoltLab Core 3.1 Spanish + Portuguese (4 languages)



  • EUR 2.00

    WoltLab Suite Core 3.1 Spanish + Portuguese Complete

    Menus, boxes, pages, cronjobs are also available in Spanish.
    The language variables of the respective app can only be replaced manually with Copy/Paste.

  • EUR 3.00

    WoltLab Suite Core 3.1 Spanish + Portuguese Installation

    Perfect for users with Spanish or Portuguese as native language.
    The app is modified for the spanish / portuguese installation routine.
    Interface language and content language are set to Spanish or Portuguese from the beginning and system-wide as default.
    This configuration offers the advantage that, in particular in the ACP (Administration Panel), also titles such as "Page Titles", "Menu Titles", "Box Titles" and "Cron Job Titles" are available in the selected language by default.

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