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WoltLab Suite Gallery 3.1 Spanish


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  • Competent implementation of the Spanish translation for Woltlab Gallery

    I am impressed by the Spanish translation of Multimedia Pool. It is characterized by a modern choice of words, which is based on the authenticity of the language on the Internet. Nevertheless, and at the same time, emphasis is placed on classic, and also local formulations. Example of this is the name for e-mail. While Brazilian Portuguese has already adopted the English term "email", more precisely "e-mail", the classic expression "correo electrónico" continues to be favored in Spanish. The Spanish-speaking Internet users attach importance to the conservative form of expression. You should not impose a language on people just because it seems more convenient to others. It is nice that this preference is fulfilled and implemented.

    Multimedia Pool's translations reflect the friendly, vibrant and competent language we have always known from WoltLab. The choice of words is based on an uncomplicated, flowing sentence structure always on the original.