WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 Polish

Version 5.2.9

WoltLab Suite Core 5.2.9 – PolishFrontend + Backend

The core for your website with CMS, media, advertising, style editor, attachments, search engine optimization, categories, RSS feeds, tags, labels, bulk editing, BB codes, sitemaps, multilingualism, user management, conversations, smileys, trophies, user rights, access rights, and more.

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Core for free by purchasing 3 or more apps.

All apps are completely and invariably translated in frontend and backend.

Updates run in sync with WoltLab's internal updates.

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This translation is protected by copyright.

The history and development of each language file of the comprehensive translation of the WoltLab Suite is deposited with a notary in Potsdam, Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany. Thus, the project is comprehensible in its individual development steps and versions in terms of copyright law.

The work spanned over one year and the apps are even installable as a full installer with menus, boxes, pages, cronjobs, package directly in polish. This feature allows you to select Polish (Polski) at the beginning of the installation, both as interface language and content language.

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Published Versions

  • WoltLab Suite Core Polish 5.2 (Jan 7th 2020)
  • WoltLab Suite Core Polish Complete 5.2 (Sep 15th 2019)
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