VieCode Secure Credentials Storage 2.0 Polish

Version 2.0.0

VieCode Secure Credentials Storage 2.0.0 for *WoltLab Suite* – PolishFrontend + Backend

This amazing plugin enables secure handling of access data. If you need access to a customer system, there is an explicit request for access data in the article. This is limited to the access data which is necessary to solve the problem.

Now your customers have the possibility to store access data explicitly for this request.

The passwords and potentially sensitive information are stored asymmetrically encrypted with a public key before being saved in the database. To decrypt the access data, the corresponding private key is required, which is not stored on the server.

Attention: permanently cheap

All apps are completely and invariably translated in frontend and backend.

Updates run in sync with VieCode's internal updates.

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Published Versions

  • VieCode Secure Credentials Storage Polish Complete 2.0 (May 2nd 2020)
  • VieCode Secure Credentials Storage Polish 2.0 (May 2nd 2020)
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