WoltLab Elasticsearch Integration 3.1 Spanish + Portuguese (4 languages)

Version 3.1.3

WoltLab Elasticsearch Integration 3.1.3 – Spanish + Portuguese – Frontend + Backend

Attention: permanently cheap

Woltlab goes Spanish + Portuguese.

Attention: menus, boxes, pages and cronjobs can only be integrated with this FULL INSTALLER.

The apps are completely translated into frontend and backend.

Perfect for users with native Spanish + Portuguese.

Attention: Only available with a valid Woltlab license for the app!

Our updates run in sync with Woltlab's internal updates.

Priority evidence seal

Copyright Seal and Priority Certificate for Spanish + Portuguese Translation

Priority evidence


This translation is protected by copyright.

The history and development of each language file of the comprehensive translation of the WoltLab Suite is deposited with a notary in Potsdam, Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany. Thus, the project is comprehensible in its individual development steps and versions in terms of copyright law.

The apps can also be installed as a full installer with menus, boxes, pages, cronjobs, packages directly in Spanish or Portuguese. This feature allows you to select Spanish (EspaΓ±ol) or Portuguese (PortuguΓͺs) at the beginning of the installation as interface language.

Published Versions

  • WoltLab Elasticsearch Integration Spanish + Portuguese 3.1 (Apr 28th 2019)
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