5 subcategories in CMS article system [Dirty Fix at your own risk]

5 series of pretty nice subcategories

This tutorial introduces the individual steps to create 4 or more subcategories for a top level first level category. It is a "Dirty Fix", which will soon be obsolete, as the manufacturer WoltLab has decided to increase the category number with the new Suite 3.2 factory.

This is just about bypassing the software limitations to make more than a group of 3 categories. A group of several interconnected subcategories is called package here, or in English "package".

I expressly point out the danger that groups of categories can dissolve, or in case of errors, different categories can be found elsewhere, or even become invisible, at least temporarily at the bottom of a small selection box.

The tutorial is by no means meant to be a real help, but more a guide that shows how wonderfully adaptable the Woltlab software is, and that the space-time continuum of the article system can be influenced.

There are crazy people who continue even if every success seems hopeless. Yes, that's what I am.

The error was inconspicuously small, obvious and was already fixed by an update. But contrary to the 2 subcategories allowed by the software, I wanted to have at least 4. So a total of 5 in a group.

After all, it's about the presentation of related topics, but they must be grouped together.

The creation of the categories is so simple that I did not describe the pure category creation here.

Have fun

Lots of greets

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