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WoltLab Dinosaurs – Oldest Forum Software, but still running...

Forums that still run with the oldest WoltLab software
Who knows more?
Leute die noch weitere Foren kennen, können diese in einen Beitrag schreiben. Wir aktualisieren die folgende Liste ständig.

Burning Board 1
1.2 – Lite 2.1.1 Burning Board 2
Last Version 2.3.6 pl2 Burning Board 3
Last Version 3.1.8
Golden Eagles Forum [URL:] 🦅
Viktor's Support Board [URL:] 🌟
Cancer Forum for family members…

Test the wcfStatus box color

Diving lightly into colors, turning brightly around nuances, sensually guided by themes, sounds, discovering new combinations in amazement; choose, see, marvel; bright, dark lights continue to drive this journey, far from their destination; Shadows seem to fade away, writhe, colorful swarms dance joyfully, iridescent shimmering rainbows, watch over everything; to surrender to the sea of colors, to appear deep exhausted, to break glittering beautiful surface, happy and free, you have made the right choice.

5 subcategories in CMS article system [Dirty Fix at your own risk]

The new outstanding CMS from Woltlab convinces through clearness, user friendliness, fascinating functions with limitless possibilities for interaction. All adaptations can be implemented very easily. Whether providers want to present their products competently, or authors present interesting information to the readers, while the diversity of possibilities leaves nothing to be desired.
In any case, a versatile communication exchange can be implemented with just a few clicks. Latest web standards for all device types in a search engine-optimized programming complete the perfect concept.

Woltlab – Clean up template directory [after WSC3 Upgrade] – Data Trash

In January 2017 the Woltlab GmbH published a milestone, the WSC3 with WBB5, more precisely Woltlab Suite Core 3 with WoltlabBurningBoard 5, brand-new with the latest web standards.
The previous version was well-known and highly appreciated under the name Woltlab Community Framework, WCF 2.1. After updating it's useful to delete some templates in directory "templates" since they are no longer needed.