Woltlabs CLI Tool – How to (Package Insert)

CLI – Command-Line Tool

Woltlabs CLI – Rebuilding & Data import

Options to rebuild data and files:

1. cd /var/www/vhosts/example.com/httpdocs

Path to cli.php

2. php cli.php --packageID=4

Call the CLI login, then enter administrator username + password

3. worker -l

Create list of all „Worker” options

worker SitemapRebuildWorker

worker UserRebuildDataWorker

worker PageRebuildDataWorker

worker PollRebuildDataWorker

worker LikeRebuildDataWorker

worker MediaRebuildDataWorker

worker ArticleRebuildDataWorker

worker CommentRebuildDataWorker

worker LikeUserRebuildDataWorker

worker StatDailyRebuildDataWorker

worker AttachmentRebuildDataWorker

worker ConversationRebuildDataWorker

worker DatabaseConvertEncodingWorker

worker CommentResponseRebuildDataWorker

worker UserActivityPointUpdateEventsWorker

worker ConversationMessageRebuildDataWorker

Special commands which rarely needed, but mostly urgent:

worker MailWorker

worker ImportWorker

worker SendNewPasswordWorker

worker DatabaseConvertEncodingWorker

Here is my approach, including installation of „Worker”.

CLI-Session - Worker Installation

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