WoltLab Dinosaurs – Oldest Forum Software, but still running...

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  • Victor's Forum has been given a star.

    He deserves that, too. Exactly 10 years ago, in 2009, I got help to connect the Forum Cosima chat to Tufat.com's Flash chat software (Worlds Greatest 5 Dollar Archive). Peter had installed the Red5 multimedia server software on my server and this was the beginning of the big adventure: WoltLab as a forum and user management combined with Tufat's voice and cam chat. In the chat rooms 50 users could make voice, cam in personal messages (PNs).

    Yahoo was rebuilt 1 to 1. Working hours dragged on with the adjustments over half a year.

    At Viktor I found the much needed guidance to connect the software from WoltLab Forum and Flash Chat, I called it the "Bridge". For this I had to adapt it, because there were many new features in MySQL and PHP.

    A crazy, but wonderful time.

    Viktor's support board is an immortal authority and a luminary in the WoltLab story. He probably helped thousands with his support. He remains unforgotten to me, although he has certainly forgotten me for a long time.