The first five-language app built and successfully installed for WoltLab

    • Official Post

    Dear friends and customers of WoltLab!

    Today we succeeded in the successful installation of the first 5-language WoltLab app. Real there are even two apps, namely Elaticsearch integration and LDAP authentication. Personally, I do not call the two end applications, they are more plugins, so additional software for the main applications. However, the technical implementation principle is exactly the same as the 6 main applications of WoltLab, namely Core (Website and CMS Framework), Forum, Blog, Gallery, Calendar and Filebase.

    We have packed the archives of these end-user applications in three languages, as well as in four languages, to cope with all variations of customer requirements. At the same time, the costs for the translations should be kept low and also variable. These are the two languages English and German, which are delivered by WoltLab as standard, plus our own translations Spanish and Portuguese. These installation archives called "Galactica" can be installed smoothly at the request of the customer. The customer has the free choice, as with any other competent software, which of the four languages he chooses as the installation language (interface language), and which of the 4 languages he uses as a content language.

    It was always about providing website owners from all over the world the best software for realizing their ideas of having their own community and super competent website. High-quality corporate websites with customer loyalty, information and exchange, private homepages, visually stunning galleries, diaries, ticket sales, e-shops, subscriber websites, all this and much more is possible with WoltLab simple, fast and hyper-modern ...

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