Zaydowicz JCoins – Language Upgrade 5.2.0

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    Zaydowicz JCoins 5.2.0 Upgrade *for WoltLab Suite Core 5.2*

    The upgrade for your language can be purchased here in the Multimedia Pool Shop.

    All you have to do is import all language files in .xml format into your installation via the ACP.

    ACP (Administration) Customization Languages Import language

    Upload a language file from the local computer: Select and click the .xml file you downloaded here.


    Choose the language you want to update here, it must match the language code of the .xml language file.


    App-main language file: es.xml, pt.xml, pl.xml

    Hola Hello ஹலோ Halo привет Hallo Salut Ciao Olá 你好 Γεια σας もしもし Pozdravljeni สวัสดี Habari ਹੈਲੋ Salve прывітанне