WoltLab Suite – Language Update 3.1.8

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    WoltLab Suite 3.1.8 Patch for all Multimedia-Pool translations

    It is strongly recommended to update all language files

    All you have to do is import all language files in .xml format into your installation via the ACP.

    ACP – Customization – Languages – Import language

    Upload a language file from the local computer: Click on the .xml file you downloaded here.

    Template: Choose the language you want to update here, it must match the language code of the .xml language file.


    Main language file: es.xml, pt.xml (~ 500 KB)

    conversation language file (requirements): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 25 KB)

    legalNotice language file (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 4 KB)


    App main language file: es.xml, pt.xml (~43 / 57 / 65 / 88 / 113 KB)

    infraction language file (requirements): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 10 KB)

    exporter language file (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 3 KB) is present on all apps except Filebase

    moderatedUserGroup language file (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 16 KB)

    Calendar additional language file eventThread (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 3 KB)

    Filebase additional language file supportThread (optionals): es.xml, pt.xml (~ 3 KB)

    Hola Hello ஹலோ Halo привет Hallo Salut Ciao Olá 你好 Γεια σας もしもし Pozdravljeni สวัสดี Habari ਹੈਲੋ Salve прывітанне

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    Your question is indeed important.

    The update is as follows:

    First, the default update is performed by WoltLab. This always includes important technical updates to the software. It is mandatory and completely independent of the language updates of "Multimedia-Pool.com".

    When the regular WoltLab patches are released, we at Multimedia-Pool.com immediately start linguistic customization and translate the WoltLab language files into our offered languages.

    For most of the time, WoltLab also modifies code in the language files, which of course have to be transferred to the other languages.

    That's why we publish the linguistic and/or technical adaptation of Multimedia-Pool just a few days after the WoltLab patch day.

    Thus, it is essential for a smooth, error-free operation of the software to import all language files of the respective app ACP - Languages - Language.

    Lots of greets