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    Hi Jake ,

    the size of the WoltLab Suite 5.2 reactions is 267px x 267px with 300 ppi in .svg format in high-resolution. I checked the "<3" reaction, named like.svg in default installations. Not here, and in my other communities - I changed and added some reactions.

    The emojione smileys of WoltLab Suite 5.2, 3.1 and 3.0 are divided into two groups, each with the same smileys, but in two different sizes. also called high-resolution smileys.

    The smileys of the first group have a size of 23px x 23px with a resolution of 72 ppi in .png format.

    Their larger duplicates in the second group have a size of 46px x 46px, also in 72 ppi resolution and in .png format.

    The emojione smileys can be used for high-resolution HD devices.

    Discussion of article Elasticsearch Installation on Ubuntu 18.04.2 with Plesk Onyx 17.8.11:

    Elasticsearch is a powerful, fast search engine for Unix and requires Java 8 or higher.
    Elasticsearch is characterized by an extremely high performance, speed and accuracy with the largest data volume. In combination with the world-renowned forum and community software from WoltLab with its state-of-the-art content management system, Elasticsearch gets up to speed starting at 100,000 data records and impresses with its amazingly high performance.

    WoltLab – Plesk – ngx_pagespeed – 1und1-Ionos

    Weekly work, endless test series, ever new changes - all this has paid off. Teamwork is always the greatest and equally successful.

    The interaction of the web components ngx_pagespeed, which was integrated just a few days ago in the Plesk server management software, powered by Redis on the Ionos root server, make the performance. In the center of course is the perfectly optimized community software from WoltLab, whose cache is also running with Redis.

    The Multimedia-Pool Community Server is in Germany, the homepage of the domain is incredibly difficult, as it contains an image changer in the directly visible area. The page was retrieved and tested by a web pagetest server from Sao Paulo in Brazil, which is almost on the opposite side of the earth.

    Here is the wonderful result of…a9795d5ebe4c351398f19cc2/

    We also like to host your community. Specialized in WoltLab-based websites, forums, blogs, galleries, calendars, download portals, Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. Just write and ask...


    Your question is indeed important.

    The update is as follows:

    First, the default update is performed by WoltLab. This always includes important technical updates to the software. It is mandatory and completely independent of the language updates of "".

    When the regular WoltLab patches are released, we at immediately start linguistic customization and translate the WoltLab language files into our offered languages.

    For most of the time, WoltLab also modifies code in the language files, which of course have to be transferred to the other languages.

    That's why we publish the linguistic and/or technical adaptation of Multimedia-Pool just a few days after the WoltLab patch day.

    Thus, it is essential for a smooth, error-free operation of the software to import all language files of the respective app ACP - Languages - Language.

    Lots of greets

    Discussion of article How to add and update languages – WoltLab Suite:

    Language management is fast and easy in WoltLab Suite.
    Updating language files of 3 WoltLab Apps with only 9 mouse clicks in just 38 seconds (Language update).
    Adding a language with just 4 mouse clicks in 15 seconds (Language installation).
    The professional, search engine optimized website for beginners, advanced and developers (CMS & Community included).